Activities for children and families

Activities for children and families

The Sognefjord area is a great place to go for active families. Here both kids & adults can enjoy fun adventures!

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The sports- and family area as well as the slides and climbing wall offer both adults and children opportunities to work out, play and have fun together. The...

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Brekick was established by the couple Anne Reidun Sørensen and André Øygard, who lives on Øygarden farm. Brekick tailors mountain and glacier tours from...

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Blue ice walk in the mountains

A blue ice walk in the middle of the high mountains of Norway where you will get a spectacular view of the western part of Jotunheimen and Hurrungane. On the glacier we do a tour through a landscape of crevasses and blue ice towers. This is a nice all-day hike where the guide will tell you something about flora, geology and glaciers.

Midt-Ljosne Lardal sognefjord


Fruit sale

From 10th of July to 25th of August you can buy sweet cherries and raspberries. Our sale is by Ljøsne School in Lærdal beside E16. You may also come for a visit to the farm. Midt-Ljøsne are Eco-Lighthouse sertifcated.

Balholm bringebaer



Direct pressed fruit and berry juice from Sogn. The northern climate leads to slow ripening and very good flavours. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants. An ideal...

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Indoor playground for children between 1 to 14 years. Playland consists of a large climbing frame with slides, tunnels, mazes, ball cannons and glide path. In addition, it hosts 4 bouncecastles, play cars, various ball games and climbing wall.



Visit the goat farm Anestølen

Visit the Goat farm Anestølen- summer farm in Sogndalsdalen. Open for visitors every Tuesday and Thursday (12:00 - 18:00) from June 20 to August 20. The...

Høyt & Lavt


Høyt & Lavt Fjærland

Høyt & Lavt Fjærland is located on Øygarden farm in Fjærland - the cradle of Norwegian glacier tourism in the 1800's. The zip line and farm is run by André...

Urnes gard og hjortefarm


Urnes Farm and Deer Farm

At Urnes Farm, just a stone’s throw from the World Heritage-listed Urnes stave church, you can take part in a red deer safari. The deer farm is situated right next to the farm café. On guided tours you can learn interesting facts about the beautiful and proud animals and see them at close range. The deer farm is situated in beautiful terrain with a lovely view over the Lustrafjord.

truge hopp


Snowshoe hike to viewpoint

SNOWSHOE HIKING- WITH A VIEW POINT OF THE FJORD NEW! SNOWSHOE HIKES! Come and experience the Norwegian winter on snowshoes! From February 2014 we offer...

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Farm visit Henjatunet

Liv Hatleli og Geoffrey Gilpin påFrøys hus


Frøys Hus farm shop

Here you can buy products from our black elderberries, juice, art from local artists and skin from sheep and cows from Vikja organic slaughterhouse.

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Blaaflat Farm shop fruits and berries

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Watercolour Course

Watercolour course with Bjorg Bjøberg - on request. The course is combines nicely with a f.ex a tour of the Golden House. contact Bjorg at 91562845 or



Taste Heritage Fjord Safari

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Midt Ljøsne Gard

At the farm Midt Ljøsne Gard, you can bake bread in an authentic stone oven. The farm itself is situated in a high-lying location in Lærdal, at Ljøsne, from...

sandvik camping 1 sognefjord


Pluscamp Sandvik farm shop

This campingplace is located in a epple garden. In the kiosk we are selling farm products like fruit and berry juice.

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Indoor Swimmingpool


Crag climbing for the whole family

Rock climbing for the whole family at the crags at Kvam (by Sogndal) or Stegagjerde (by Gaupne).

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Go and see the new Høyanger pool! Big indoor pool with water slides, special therapy pool, pool for small children, sauna and a small café. Outdoor...

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Farm Visit

Eide Farm has a unique history you can learn about. You can see different kind of farm animals along nice pathways. Our cozy farm café offers good food, and you can enjoy the idyllic surroundings. Eide is a place for the whole family. Welcome!

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Guided tour of the farm

Vetle-Kroken, by the narrow Romantic Road that is winding along the east side of Lusterfjorden from Fv 55 in Skjolden to Ornes. We can offer guided tours for visitors of all ages.

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Skjolden Llamas

LLAMA WALKS AND FARM VISIT IN SKJOLDEN, LUSTER. Guided walks with these peaceful and intelligent animals, leading them along the riverside to a scenic area...

Amble gård sognefjord


Amble gård farm shop

We are growing organic hey and apples. We also produce organic apple juice, which we are selling from our farm. Please call beforehand.

Lund Hjortefarm


Lund Hjortefarm

At Lund Hjort, you can take part in feeding red deer! A popular activity for the whole family. In the evenings throughout the summer.

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