Where Europe's longest fjord, the Sognefjord, stretches deep into the country and meets Jotunheimen and the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, you'll find the municipality of Luster.

Luster, which by area is one of the largest municipalities in southern Norway, is a fascinating part of Norway - a miniature of western Norway - with breathtaking fjords, steep mountains, water-abundant waterfalls, blue glaciers and luxuriant valleys.

The 5000 inhabitants in the municipality make their living out of agriculture, production of berries and fruit, industry and hydropower. Norway and Luster is at its busiest in the summer, since summer is the main tourist season. For those who can choose we recommend the spring and the autumn seasons. They are just as beautiful, but far more peaceful and quiet.

The green and luxuriant spring in Luster is particularly beautiful. The contrasts in the nature are strong, with blooming fruit trees near the fjord and snow still covering the hill sides. Spring skiing has become a popular activity.

The autumn has other qualities. The high mountains are at their most beautiful when the woods and heather change colour. The mountain area near Sognefjellet, Fortun and Skjolden offers favourable conditions for small-game shooting. In the fjord, rivers and lakes you are in for hours of fun, fighting salmon, trout, cod and coalfish. In the wintertime we can offer you the longest ski tow in the country, Heggmyrane, as well as prepared cross-country ski tracks.

Many use the winter for adventure ski-roving to the glaciers of Nigardsbreen, Jostedalsbreen or Breheimen/ Jotunheimen where the peaks are easy to reach and the view breathtaking.
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Jostedalsbreen National Park

Almost half of the Jostedalsbreen National Park is covered by the Jostedalsbreen glacier, which is the largest glacier in mainland Europe. The national park is famous for its wide variety of natural environments all within a short distance of each other, ranging from valleys with lush vegetation to bare mountain and glacier landscapes. A short hike in this area is like hiking from one season to another.

Jostedal Hotell


Jostedal Hotel

Family run hotel in Jostedal, on the doorstep to the Jostedalsbreen National Park. The hotel can offer 46 beds (singel-, double-,twin- and triple rooms). Most of the rooms have been recently renovated and have a high standard with tiled bathrooms and...

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Jostedal Camping

Jostedal Camping offers affordable accommodation in cabins of different sizes. The campsite is only 5 km from Jostedalsbreen National Park and the glaciers Nigardsbreen and Bergsetbreen, and only 30 km from Sognefjorden, the longest fjord in the world....

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Jostedal Tourist Information

Breheimsenteret offers a full service restaurant, souvenirs shop and tourist information. Breheimsenteret staff handle bookings and ticket services for Jostedalen Breførarlag ( Breheimsenteret staff handle bookings and ticket services...

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The sports- and family area as well as the slides and climbing wall offer both adults and children opportunities to work out, play and have fun together. The wellness zone has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Next to the sauna area, you will find a door...

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Skjolden Brygge - Luxury Holiday Houses

Rent a luxury holiday house by the fjord, up to 3 bedrooms, open attic, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, included Jacuzzi, steam shower and sauna.Terrace by the sea with panoramic view.



Skjolden Hotel

Skjolden Hotel is located innermost in the Sognefjorden, where the sea ends and the mountains begin. The hotel has its own beach, pier and boats. 55 rooms with a total of 100 beds. All rooms have bath, shower, WC, telephone, TV and radio. Lift. Excellent conference facilities. Solarium, indoor swimming pool and climbing wall, exercise room and sauna. Bikes for rent.

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Walaker Hotel

Are you looking for a unique place packed with activities to spend your holiday? Look no further. The innermost part of the mighty Sognefjord offers it all. The charming town of Solvorn is a wonderful place to be with accommodation and nature in peaceful...

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Urnes Stave Church

UNESCO Urnes Stave Church , the oldest of Norway's stave churches, is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. It was built around 1130 AD, but the distinctive carvings on the north portal are from an even older church. Samples taken from the base...

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Sognefjord area includes the municipalities Aurland, Balestrand, Høyanger, Leikanger, Luster, Lærdal, Sogndal, Vik og Årdal.

During the summer season there are many open tourist information offices in the Sognefjord area, where you can buy tickets for roundtrips and activities, get information on what to do, what to see, what is on, where to stay, how to get around and much more.

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